Chicago. Vegetarian. Female.

A place for all the things I make/sell (And perhaps a few, random personal photos). A lot of these crafts were ideas found online ; I will give credit where credit is due. Click the Etsy / eBay links below for the items I am currently selling.

A few shots of my friends (nataliezombie, loopscandlescatsandstuff) and I dressed up for the 2014 March Against Monsanto (Chicago) - May 24, 2014

March Against Monsanto Chicago | Facebook →


Live in or near Chicago? Come help us fight Monsanto and their unlabeled GMOs, May 24!
Don’t live near Chicago? There are hundreds of marches being held May 24 in the name of bringing awareness to the harm Monsanto/GMOs do to the human body, the environment/ecosystem, & even the economy.
Have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about? Do some research. Get informed. There are many documentaries (“Seed of Death” is available on YouTube) and websites dedicated to informing the public of what’s happening behind closed doors.

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